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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Video Voter Guide Sets Record Straight on Amnesty

South Carolina Distribution Expected to Reach 50,000 Voters with TV Ad Campaign Extending to Florida, Other Primary States

CHESAPEAKE, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Grassfire.org Alliance today is launching its “Amnesty Voter Guide” -- a 30-second TV spot produced by Rapid Response Media with supporting resources that clarifies the positions of the Presidential candidates on the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens. The spot will reach an estimated 50,000 South Carolina voters prior to Saturday’s Primary as the first phase in a planned campaign rollout in Florida and other primary states.

“There has been much distortion on the issue of amnesty by the presidential candidates,” says Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.org Alliance. “Voters need to know where each candidate stands on amnesty. Our voter guide and support resources clearly and succinctly set the record straight.”

The spot first defines amnesty and then places each presidential candidate in either the “opposes” or “supports” amnesty column. “We played this fair,” says Elliott. “We’ve carefully examined each candidate’s voting record, campaign positions and what they’ve said about amnesty. Frankly, we just put everything together in an easy to understand format—free of media spin. That’s what voter’s need heading to the primaries.”

Transcript, and broadcast-quality audio and video versions of the spots available at: http://www.audioacrobat.com/note/CJjFlqhs/

Note: The above link is for broadcast media only. The public may view the spot as http://www.AmnestyVoterGuide.com
Grassfire media backgrounder: http://www.grassfire.org/media.asp

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