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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Edwards to Supporters

Dear Friend,

Just over a week ago, I was in Iowa, directing operations for John Edwards as we came into the caucuses. Thanks to you -- and thousands of folks like you -- we were able to finish strongly in Iowa, beating out one of the $100 million celebrity candidates.Immediately after Iowa, I came to South Carolina where I'm helping to direct operations for John as we close in on the January 26 primary.Because I know, firsthand, how well you responded to my requests for help with Iowa, I'm asking you to come through again for South Carolina.

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The race here is tight. The celebrity candidates are now starting to recognize the importance of South Carolina -- John always has. That's why, today, he's on a four-day bus tour across the state, with his message of "Bringing It Home" being heard by enthusiastic crowds everywhere. This past Thursday, more than 80 South Carolina elected officials and other community leaders endorsed John for president. The challenge now, with just two weeks to primary day, is to turn that momentum into people voting for John on January 26. Your contribution today will help us with our Get Out The Vote ground operation in South Carolina:
$27 pays for drinks and snacks for volunteers working the phone banks over the next two weeks
$53 pays to blanket a neighborhood with literature to undecided voters
$75 helps us expand the reach of our broadcast spots
$102 pays for a van and fuel to help transport our volunteers as they go canvassing door-to-door

Click here to help secure victory in South Carolina

Every dollar you can give today can counter the efforts of the other celebrity campaigns as they start to focus their attention on South Carolina. Your contribution will make a difference for the South Carolina primary on January 26.Thank you for all you did for our efforts in Iowa -- I hope you will come through for John Edwards in South Carolina as well.

Sincerely,--Jennifer O'Malley Dillon
Deputy Campaign Manager,
John Edwards for President
January 12, 2008

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