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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Edwards to Supporters

Dear Friend, During this final week before the South Carolina primary, John Edwards supporters from all across Georgia will be visiting South Carolina and arriving on our campaign office doorsteps to canvass, phonebank and help get out the vote for John. And our Georgia volunteers are not the only people who will be in town. From today through next week, John Edwards will also be in South Carolina to talk and meet with voters, so this is a great time to travel to South Carolina - you can come volunteer and attend an event with John. Sign-up to volunteer: www.johnedwards.com/sc/volunteer/signup
RSVP to one of John's South Carolina events: www.johnedwards.com/sc/events
With 47 states left to vote - and 27 of those states scheduled to vote before February 5th - we need your help now more than ever. I've driven 17 hours from New Hampshire to Columbia, South Carolina because I want to help John Edwards win his home state. I'm helping other out-of-state volunteers canvass door-to-door, make phone calls to South Carolina voters, and show support for John at town halls and rallies. Please join me - for just a few hours, perhaps a few days, or even for this whole week leading up to the primary - and help John Edwards win the South Carolina Primary on January 26th.

Sign-up to volunteer: www.johnedwards.com/sc/volunteer/signup

Thanks for your support!
Pauly Rodney
National Volunteers Director

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