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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Biden: Growing Crowds

The Biden Campaign is generating real buzz. Our crowds are growing by leaps and bounds:

500+ people yesterday in Des Moines; a “first tier crowd”

300 Biden backers in Mason City

250 enthusiastic supporters in Dubuque; “a scene more typical of the events of democratic front-Runners”

An “energetic crowd” in Waterloo; leads to “an endorsement from a key Black Hawk County Democrat”

200-strong crowd in Council Bluffs

The growing support at these events are evidence of mounting support for the one candidate in the Democratic field that has the rare combination of experience, a history of pushing for change and a real record of action on the most pressing issues of our time.

These events also demonstrate the large pockets of support for Sen. Biden across Iowa. These immense swaths of enthusiastic Biden backers will make the Senator a viable candidate in many parts of the state. Our situation is far more favorable than the position of many Democratic candidates whose support is a mile wide but only so deep. Our rivals will face much larger hurdles with regard to viability tomorrow, as they struggle to garner 15 percent in any one Iowa precinct.

Our deep bench of legislative endorsers and local elected officials who have pledged their support for Sen. Biden are also of critical importance on caucus night. These community leaders have real experience participating in the caucus process and help rally already committed Biden backers as well as sway caucus-goers who are undecided or have to make a second choice when their primary choice does not reach viability.

Our events over the last few days further bolster the significance of our strategy going into Caucus Day. First, Iowans are generally late deciders and the growing ranks of enthusiastic supporters at every one of our recent events means that many Iowans are now choosing Joe Biden. Second, the Senator continues to attract the backing of committed, long-time caucus-goers, who are historically far more likely to caucus. This is an important point of distinction. For example, according to the latest Des Moines Register poll,

“All of the three leaders in Iowa draw a majority of support from new caucus-goers, although Obama benefits the most with 72 percent of his support coming from first-timers.” Each new committed, regular caucus-goer our campaign brings on board is another solid vote for Sen. Biden, and we will not have to worry about the possibility of them not showing up on caucus night.

In short, the Biden Campaign remains committed, forward-looking and optimistic headed into Caucus Day. The wind is at our back.

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