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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Edwards Reacts To Clinton Campaign Tasteless Attacks

1/6/08 Today, Senator John Edwards today responded to Senator Clinton's aide, Jay Carson's statement that "In order to be president, you need to do more than read articles about people who need help and talk about them," saying Clinton is "somebody who's actually going to help people and not use them as talking points."
Edwards said:
"My reaction is this campaign doesn't seem to have a conscience. This is not about them - it's about families like the Sarkisyans, the Lowes, and the Lakeys, who desperately need a voice.
"I was willing last night to let this issue go and even willing to let it go earlier today. The more I thought about the idea that somehow everything is about them – it's an indication that they have no conscience about what's at stake here. These families are what this is about. It's not about them nor is it about me. It's about whether we're going to actually stand up and fight for these people.
"If she wants to argue with me or the campaign wants to argue with me about my position about some issue, they're totally entitled to do that. But to talk this way about families who have struggled and suffered and want to be heard – the Lakeys, James Lowe, the Sarkisyans - they didn't come here by accident. They believe they have a responsibility to their families and their children to create a better America and make certain that what happened in the Sarkisyan family's case never happens to any other family. I'm proud of them. Everyone should be proud of them."

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