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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Three-Quarters Through The 36-Hour "Marathon For The Middle Class": 9 Towns, 540 Miles, Thousands Of Granite Staters

1/7/08 During final 36-hour campaign push leading into the New Hampshire primary, John Edwards highlights proposals to fight entrenched corporate interests on behalf of the middle class
Manchester, NH – John Edwards' 36-hour "Marathon for the Middle Class" is now three quarters over, and the momentum keeps growing. After standing room only crowds in Manchester, Keene and Derry yesterday, John and Elizabeth Edwards hit the North Country late last night and into the early morning hours, then came back down south to Lakeport and Bedford.
"I may be an underdog in this campaign, running against two candidates with $200 million between them, but the real underdogs are the middle class and the voiceless in this country," said John Edwards. "I know that the fight to save the middle class will be an epic battle, and I will never give up. We're going to take the fight to save the middle class all the way to the Convention and the White House. We're going to look our children in the eye and tell them 'we left you a better life than we had.'"
This morning John Edwards held a town hall meeting in Laconia, while Elizabeth Edwards attended a house party in Nashua. In the afternoon, John and Elizabeth were joined by Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon at a house meeting in Bedford before heading to events in Hampton and Exeter.

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