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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Edwards to Supporters

Dear Friend,

John stood out in last night's debate with his strong, passionate calls for change. But don't take my word for it -- here's what people are saying:

George Stephanopoulous (ABC):

"Edwards showed passion and vitality and energy tonight. He was on-message. He had a strategy tonight. I think this was one of his best debates."DailyKos: "Edwards probably had the best performance of the night. He came across as passionate, and was more energetic than the other candidates. With the debate closing on economic issues, he was able to play his populist card to great effect and dominate the closing minutes of the debate."

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AmericaBlog.com: "Edwards is really unparalleled when it comes to connecting policies with people. I certainly find it very effective."Rick Klein (ABC): "Edwards may have turned in the strongest pure performance."Matthew Yglesias (The Atlantic Monthly): "John Edwards gave a fantastic answer about the need to combine short-term effects with a long-term commitment to 'rid the world of nuclear weapons' as part of a broad push to revitalize the non-proliferation framework."New Hampshire Presidential Watch: "The press center is eating-up John Edwards' attack on the status quo."David Schuster (MSNBC): "I thought the guy who stood out the most was John Edwards. Last night Edwards, who does not take money from corporate interests or PACs, hammered that issue again and again."

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Rick Klein (ABC): "John Edwards comes back to his message again and again, in an effective way. If a debate could vault him back into the game, he may be having that very debate."Chuck Todd (NBC): "Edwards, by the way, had a very good night."Your contribution today will help John build on this great debate performance and carry his message of fighting for the middle class all across this country!

Thanks for your support.--Jonathan Prince
Deputy Campaign Manager, John Edwards for President
January 6, 2008

P.S. Please take a moment to look at one of the highlights from last night's debate and see why members of the media are raving about John's performance:www.johnedwards.com/watch/debate-reviews

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