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Friday, January 4, 2008

Edwards to Supporters

It was a strong night for us - we finished second in Iowa, beating out the Clinton machine. Change won tonight - the status quo lost. But now the fight is on - and they're going to come after us, trying to drown out our message of change with their hundreds of millions of dollars. That's why I need you to make a contribution to my campaign today.

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What we saw in Iowa was two candidates who thought their money would make them inevitable. But what the Iowa caucus goers have shown us is that if you're willing to have a little backbone, to have the courage to speak for the middle class, to speak for those who have no voice, and if you're willing to stand up to corporate greed, then that message and the American people are unstoppable, no matter how much money is spent to prevent that message from getting out. That's why I need your support today, so those who believe in the status quo will not stop our message of change that this country so desperately needs.

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I am so proud of this cause - and so grateful for your support. It is your support that has sustained Elizabeth and me as we have campaigned across this country. You have created a tidal wave of change that will sweep from Iowa to New Hampshire, to Nevada and South Carolina. Continue to stand with me, so that when this wave of change is done, every one of us will be able to look our children in the eye and say, "We did for you what our parents did for us - we left America better for you than we found it."

Thank you for your support - the wave of change has begun.

Sincerely, John

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