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Monday, January 7, 2008

Edwards to Supporters

Dear Friend,

I'm asking you for some urgent help here in New Hampshire -- I hope you'll take a moment to respond.

Since the Iowa caucuses, more than $1 million has poured into the campaign. Your overwhelming support for John and his message of change has kept us going -- and it will keep us going through to the convention, and then on to the White House.

Right now, I have an immediate need: an additional $100,000 for our Get Out The Vote operation in New Hampshire. Can you make a contribution now to help us raise $100,000 before midnight?

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I know I can count on you to help bring in an additional $100,000 by midnight. That's why I'm going to go ahead and arrange more phone-banking calls to independent and undecided voters encouraging them to vote tomorrow for John.

Because you've come through before for John and our campaign, I'm going to provide increased transportation for our volunteers as they do last minute door-to-door canvassing -- and as we arrange rides to help get voters to their polling places tomorrow.

I'm doing this because, like you, I know how important it is that we elect a candidate of change -- someone who feels passionately and personally about fighting for all of us and standing up to the special interests.

Can you come through for John again between now and midnight?

Click here to make a contribution

John and Elizabeth are on their 36-hour "Marathon for the Middle Class" bus tour across the state. The enthusiasm and the size of the crowds are unbelievable -- we've not seen anything quite like this before.

We know it's a tough race in New Hampshire. But we also know that folks who live in New Hampshire have a strong independent streak -- and that when they vote tomorrow, they will vote for the candidate of real, lasting change: John Edwards.

Your contribution to help us raise $100,000 before midnight to expand our final outreach efforts will allow us to reach those independent and undecided voters.

Thanks for your support -- we're counting on you!


--Beth Leonard
New Hampshire State Director, John Edwards for President
January 7, 2008

P.S. I thought you might like to see a great video clip from one of the town hall meetings that John had yesterday. Enjoy!

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