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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Edwards: Dear Friend

My name is Doug Bishop. I live in Jasper County, Iowa, where I am the county treasurer.

In September 2004, I was among the first wave of employees who were laid off at the Maytag plant in Newton, IA. Later that month, my family and I met John Edwards as he was campaigning for the vice-presidency on the Democratic ticket.

I will never forget how John took my seven year-old son by the hand, dropped to his knees, looked him square in the face and said, "I'm going to keep fighting for your Daddy's job, I promise you that."

Three years later, I'm fortunate to have landed on my feet -- but hundreds of my friends, family and co-workers haven't been so lucky.

That's why John Edwards has never gone back on the promise he made to my son. Even though the Maytag plant in Newton is now closed for good and the American dream has been taken away from so many who worked in that plant, he continues to fight for all of us who want to leave our children with a better life.

Recently, I had the privilege to introduce John Edwards at a rally in Iowa. Please take a few minutes to watch this video clip. I hope it will give you a better idea of who I am and, most importantly, why I'm supporting John Edwards.


I know, from personal experience, that John Edwards will continue fighting and speaking out for me and my family and millions of other Americans like us, from the day he takes the oath of office as president to the day he leaves the White House.

There are just 14 days to the Iowa caucuses. We need to make sure that John wins in Iowa and in the other early states so he can be the Democratic nominee -- and the voice for hardworking Americans everywhere.

Please take a few moments to watch this video -- and then make a contribution to John's campaign.


Thank you for joining me in supporting John Edwards.


Doug Bishop
Newton, Iowa
December 20, 2007

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