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Friday, December 28, 2007

Sheen Officially Endorses Richardson for President

Actor and activist Martin Sheen today officially endorsed New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for President. He will campaign in Iowa with Richardson on Sunday, December 30 and Monday, December 31, during the final days before the state’s Democratic caucuses.

Well-known for his portrayals of iconic fictional and real-life Presidents on television, Sheen is also a respected and energetic activist for a number of humanitarian causes.

"Bill Richardson has the proven record of success and the real-world experience that this country needs in our next President: he is ready for prime time," Sheen said. "In this, the most important Presidential election of our time, with so much on the line, I believe that Bill Richardson is the only one who can create the change that we so desperately need to restore America's standing in the world and to get our country back on the right path at home."

In addition to the popular television show The West Wing, Sheen has appeared in dozens of feature films and on Broadway. Sheen's record of activism is as extensive and varied as his acting career. He has been active in the peace, civil rights, and environmental movements for decades, and he has campaigned extensively for Democratic candidates for public office.

"Martin Sheen effectively uses his celebrity and acting success to bring attention to important grassroots causes to create positive change," Governor Richardson said. "He has demonstrated on behalf of nuclear disarmament, and he has walked with Cesar Chavez. I am inspired by his activism and am proud that he is supporting my campaign. Martin is used to backing the underdog in the fight, and I am confident that his participation will put the exclamation point on my grassroots campaign and help me finish very strongly in Iowa.

"I am looking forward to Martin showing me around the White House, and I hope that I can serve as many terms in the White House as his characters have."

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