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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

John Edwards: Help Secure Victory

Dear Friend,

This is it. The Iowa caucuses are only one week from tomorrow. And if we have the resources we need, together we can win Iowa and propel John Edwards to the Democratic nomination.

Click here to help secure victory in Iowa.

I'm not going to mince words. The race here is tight. We've got momentum behind us -- from endorsements last week from Iowa's first lady Mari Culver and from the president of the powerful Iowa Farmer's Union, to the cover of Newsweek, to polls showing us moving into the lead -- but the challenge now is turning that momentum into people standing for John Edwards in their caucus.

And that requires us to reach out to Iowans who will be making their decision to support John Edwards in the next week -- and to get those supporters to their precinct caucus on January 3.

Your contribution today means more Iowans standing with John Edwards next Thursday:

$27 pays for drinks and snacks for volunteers manning the phone banks in the final week
$53 pays to blanket a neighborhood with literature for late-deciding voters
$75 helps us expand our reach with our broadcast spots
$102 pays for a van and fuel to drive supporters for John Edwards who need help getting to the caucuses next Thursday

Click here to help secure victory in Iowa.

The other campaigns know how well organized we are on the ground in Iowa -- and they know the power behind the endorsements John Edwards has recently secured. They continue to scramble to get everything they can into the state.

Yet every dollar you give today can counter their efforts and make the difference in what happens at the caucuses in Iowa in just eight days time.

Please, contribute any amount you can afford to give today.


--Jennifer O'Malley Dillon
Iowa State Director, John Edwards for President
December 26, 2007

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