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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thompson Launches Closing TV Ad in Iowa, "Substance"

Senator Fred Thompson today launched a new 30-second television ad, titled "Substance," which will begin airing today in Iowa. The 30 second spot can be viewed at:


Below is the script for the new ad.

Substance (30 seconds)

Fred Thompson : I'm Fred Thompson and I approve this message.
Announcer : The Wall Street Journal says Fred Thompson's tax cut plan "leads the GOP field."
A leading economic group calls it a plan "conservatives can rally around."
The conservative National Review says only Thompson has outlined "specific, conservative policies" on immigration.
Investor's Daily says Thompson's national security plan features a "Reaganesque rebuilding of our military."
And the National Right to Life Committee endorsed him because they know he can win.
Fred Thompson. The clear conservative choice.

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