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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Richardson calls for new way forward in American foreign policy

New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson distinguished his position on Iraq from those of the other major candidates in a major policy speech entitled "The Difference" today in Coralville, Iowa.

"The bottom line is this: my opponents believe in changing the mission," Richardson said. "They wish to task our troops with new combat roles, new training roles, and new policing roles. I see it differently.

"One year from now, I do not want to have to wake up and lower my state's flags for another New Mexican killed in Iraq. Three years from now, I do not want to read in the morning newspaper about bombing attacks against Americans because our presence in Iraq continues to inflame the Muslim world. Five years from now, I do not want to see today's schoolchildren patrolling and dying on the streets of Baghdad. Now is the time for peace."

To read Governor Richardson's speech, click here.

Governor Richardson criticized the Washington conventional wisdom on America's foreign policy.

"Our foreign policy decisions must be based in reality, not ideology," Richardson said. "Nor should foreign policy decisions be dictated by the same Washington conventional wisdom that was wrong before, during, and after our invasion of Iraq. Those who subscribe to the new Washington wisdom that we must leave our troops in Iraq indefinitely are getting it wrong again.

"Only in Washington would people suggest that leaving a smaller force behind can accomplish what a much larger force has not yet done. We have been down the road of an undermanned force before, and we paid the costs dearly. For the sake of our troops, we cannot make that mistake again."

Richardson concluded by calling for a new way forward in American foreign policy.

"I ask all Americans to join me in once again making our nation the world's beacon of hope," Richardson said. "Together, we need the compassion to commit the necessary resources, the courage to stand fast in the face of inevitable setbacks, and the determination to put our troops first. Finally, we need the resolve to shunt aside the naysayers and Washington conventional wisdom and simply do what we know is right."

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