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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


CNBC's "Kudlow & Company"
December 26, 2007

Governor Romney's Policies Will Help All Americans:

CNBC's John Harwood: "Governor, Mike Huckabee has sort of cast himself as the populist candidate on economics in the Republican Party, just as John Edwards has done that on the Democratic side. What do you think is the role for populism as this economy begins to turn down, potential for recession next year. Does the Republican Party need a little touch of populism to be more politically appealing, and do you see any part of that notion right substantively as well?"

Governor Romney: "Well, I don't think we as a party or we as a nation move forward by policies of jealousy and trying to tear down other people. Divisiveness doesn't work. John Edwards ran his campaign based on two Americas last time up. That just didn't sell in America.

Americans want to see everyone be prosperous, want to see our country grow and be successful, and we come together on major issues. A divisive campaign is not the right way to go. I do believe that we can put in place policies which strengthen our economy and help middle income and moderate income Americans and the way we do that is, one, by keeping our tax rate down, lowering our corporate tax rate, trading with other nations on a level playing field, investing in research and technology, getting health care for all our citizens. These are things we can do that help all Americans and the right approach is not by, if you will, trying to play a class card, but, instead, working to raise the level of living for all of our citizens."

To watch Governor Romney, please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q8j3L5euaE

Governor Romney On The Need To Lower Taxes:

Governor Romney: "Well, one thing we can do is to reduce the burden on the American taxpayer to lower taxes. The last thing you want to do, in a setting like this, is to raise taxes. And that's, of course, what the Democrats are all planning on doing as soon as they get in. The right course is to lower the tax burden on the American people and create a stimulant effect which, of course, can help pull us out of any downturn we may be feeling."

To watch Governor Romney, please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TeK98FNfQU

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