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Friday, December 28, 2007


U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced a new television ad to run in New Hampshire. The ad, entitled "Endorsed," highlights John McCain's endorsements by over 20 newspapers all across New Hampshire. Granite State editorial boards spanning the ideological spectrum -- from the New Hampshire Union Leader to the Portsmouth Herald -- recognize that John McCain is the only candidate with the experience, credibility and character to lead as commander in chief from day one.

"Endorsed" will run on New Hampshire and Boston television.
VIEW THE NEW AD HERE: http://www.johnmccain.com/tvads/

Script for "Endorsed" (:30-TV)

ANNCR 1: After taking a close look,
20 newspapers all across New Hampshire endorse John McCain.

Here's what they're saying:
ANNCR 2: McCain campaigns with decency
ANNCR 1: The right stuff ...
ANNCR 2: To become among our greatest presidents
ANNCR 1: Principled
ANNCR 2: Character
ANNCR 1: Integrity and honor
ANNCR 2: Impeccable national security credentials
ANNCR 1: McCain transcends partisanship
ANNCR 2: Most trustworthy
ANNCR 1: The man to lead America
ANNCR 2: All across New Hampshire newspapers agree
ANNCR 1: The choice is clear. For President: John McCain
JOHN MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I approve this message

Over 20 New Hampshire Newspapers Have Endorsed John McCain For President

· New Hampshire Union Leader: "John McCain Is The Man To Lead America"
· Portsmouth Herald/Seacoast Media Group: "Vote Sen. McCain In GOP Primary"
Exeter News-Letter
Hampton Union
Rockingham News
· The Keene Sentinel: "John McCain"
· Boston Herald: "Choice Is Clear: McCain's The One"
· The Boston Globe: "For Republicans: John McCain"
· The Valley News (NH): "The Case For McCain: An Honorable Primary Choice"
· Salmon Press (11 NH Weeklies): "New Hampshire's Salmon Press Endorses Sen. John McCain"
Littleton Courier
Coos County Democrat
Berlin Reporter
Granite State News
Carroll County Independent
Meredith News
Record Enterprise
Winnisquam Echo
Gilford Steamer
Mountain Ear
· The Cabinet (NH): "The Primary"
The Cabinet
Bedford Journal
Hollis Brookline Journal
Merrimack Journal

The Keene Sentinel: "Perhaps Most Important, He Campaigns With Decency." "Where McCain most distinguishes himself from the rest of this year's Republican pack is in the areas of life experience and force of character. He is not a single-issue candidate off on a frantic ideological jag. Although his political ideology has evolved through experience over the years, he has not changed his previous political positions en masse to appeal to the presumed prejudices and preferences of voters. Nor has he tried to craft a candidacy around an artificial persona who promises to save us all from terrorists, or from the devil. And, perhaps most important, he campaigns with decency." (Editorial, "John McCain," The Keene Sentinel, 12/21/07)

Salmon Press: "John McCain Has The Right Stuff ... To Become Among Our Greatest Presidents ... His Experience In Foreign Affairs And In Military Issues Is Unmatched In The Field." U.S. Sen. John McCain has the right stuff to become a statesman, indeed to become among our greatest presidents, but standing in his way is the prickly business of having to get elected. Once considered the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, his presidential campaign stumbled in the early going -- in part because he refused to bend his principles -- but is now gaining some momentum. We hope that momentum continues, for in our judgment John McCain towers over his political rivals and is our unwavering choice in New Hampshire's Republican presidential primary next month. Sen. McCain is a man of great depth and character. He has demonstrated an enormous capacity for growth over his political career and his military record is trul y heroic -- in stark contrast to those of his opponents. As a congressman and senator from Arizona he has exhibited the ability to attract both sides of the political aisle. And yet he is a conservative in the best sense of the word: principled, unwilling to cave for political gain and an unbowed enemy of wasteful spending. His experience in foreign affairs and in military issues is unmatched in the field." (Editorial, "New Hampshire's Salmon Press Endorses Sen. John McCain," Salmon Press, 12/13/07)

Portsmouth Herald: "Principled." "U.S. Sen. John McCain will tell you the truth, even if it costs him the election. He has a very clear-eyed view of the truth having spent his life fighting for our country and leading the U.S. Senate for the past 20 years on virtually every critical issue facing our nation. In our view, John McCain stands head and shoulders above the rest of the Republican field and deserves the support of those voting in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary Jan. 8. ... McCain is pro-life, but his views are broad in this area. He also believes in federal funding of embryonic stem cell research because in his view life is also sacred after you have left the womb. This kindness and pragmatism also guided his thinking on immigration. McCain's state of Arizona borders Mexico and is on the front line of America's struggle with illegal immigration. His position is that we need to tighten our borders and enforce the laws already on the books, but we also need to create a path to citizenship for good, honest, hardworking families who make a real contribution to this country. His principled stance on immigration has made enemies in his own party and has hurt him in Iowa where this is a major issue." (Editorial, "Vote Sen. McCain In GOP Primary," Portsmouth Herald, 12/16/07)

New Hampshire Union Leader: "His Record, His Character, And His Courage Show Him To Be The Most Trustworthy, Competent, And Conservative Of All Those Seeking The Nomination." "What is most compelling about McCain, however, is that his record, his character, and his courage show him to be the most trustworthy, competent, and conservative of all those seeking the nomination. Simply put, McCain can be trusted to make informed decisions based on the best interests of his country, come hell or high water." (Joseph W. McQuaid, "John McCain Is The Man To Lead America," New Hampshire Union Leader, 12/2/07)

Portsmouth Herald: "He Is A Man Of Integrity And Honor ... He Is A Strong Military Man Prepared From Day One To Defend Our Nation Against Its Enemies. Of All The Republicans Running, He Is By Far The Best Qualified To Lead Our Country." "John McCain has been leading the country from his seat in the U.S. Senate for 20 years. He is a man of integrity and honor who would help the Republicans rid themselves of the stench of Jack Abramoff and other lobbyists and allow the GOP to reclaim its status as the party of fiscal restraint. He is a strong military man prepared from day one to defend our nation against its enemies. Of all the Republicans running, he is by far the best qualified to lead our country." (Editorial, "Vote Sen. McCain In GOP Primary," Portsmouth Herald, 12/16/07)

Valley News: "His Case Is Plausible, And His Credentials In National Security Matters Impeccable." "And although we do not agree with McCain's thesis that prompt withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would necessarily have dire consequences throughout the Middle East and the world, we do not dismiss it lightly, either. His case is plausible, and his credentials in national security matters impeccable." (Editorial, "The Case For McCain: An Honorable Primary Choice," Valley News, 12/19/07)

The Boston Globe: "McCain Has Done More Than His Share To Transcend Partisanship And Promote An Honest Discussion Of The Problems Facing The United States." "As a lawmaker and as a candidate, McCain has done more than his share to transcend partisanship and promote an honest discussion of the problems facing the United States. He deserves the opportunity to represent his party in November's election." (Editorial, "For Republicans: John McCain," The Boston Globe, 12/16/07)

New Hampshire Union Leader: "John McCain Is The Man To Lead America." (Joseph W. McQuaid, "John McCain Is The Man To Lead America," New Hampshire Union Leader, 12/2/07)

Boston Herald: "Choice Is Clear: McCain's The One." "There are times in this nation's history so perilous that they cry out for a steady, experienced leader, a person so trusted that we would put the fate of this country in his hands. This is one of those times, and Sen. John McCain is that person. He has a brand of courage that is rare in the public arena these days a courage forged in part by those years spent as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and in part by more than two decades of fighting for what he believes in on the floor of the U.S. Senate. In an age when too many candidates are driven by polls and focus groups, fashioning and re-fashioning their core' beliefs, McCain is a man of unwavering conviction and integrity. His values, his beliefs, his goals are what they were when he first entered public life, what they were in 2000 and what they will be a decade from now." (Editorial, "Choice Is Clear: McCai n's The One," Boston Herald, 12/20/07)

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