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Friday, December 28, 2007

John Edwards:Six Days

Dear Friend,

Six days. That's all that's left until John Edwards pulls off the biggest upset in recent political history with an Iowa victory on January 3! But we need your help to make it happen. Yesterday, we challenged you to raise $1.5 million online by December 31. Thousands of you have already responded - will you respond today? Click here to make a contribution and accept the challenge.

For nearly a year, the media and the Washington establishment have treated this like a two-person race. They've shined the spotlight on the celebrity candidates, they've "oohed" and "aahed" at the tens of millions of dollars they've raised - and they've been taken in by the hype, the glitz and the glamour our opponents have surrounded themselves with from day one.

But, while they've been distracted, John Edwards has been out there on the ground, working hard, listening to regular Americans and talking about their concerns - about the things that keep them up at night, that make them worry about whether or not we will be able to pass on a better world to our children. While the media has been focused on celebrity, John has been inspiring voters in Iowa and other early states with his positive vision for America - a vision of America rising. The chattering class has written John off more times than I can remember.

But guess what -- month after month, with your support, John has defied their predictions. He hasn't gone away. In fact, he's built up the strongest organization in Iowa with the help of passionate supporters like you. He trusts the American people to sift through the hype, and support the one candidate they know can beat the Republicans next year, and bring the big, bold change we need to America. And his trust in you has been rewarded. Today, we're locked in a three-way dead heat for a first-place finish in Iowa - and most importantly, we've got the momentum going into the homestretch. John is the best closer I've ever seen - but he's going to need your help to get us over the top.

Can you make a contribution today? Click here to make a contribution and accept the challenge.

You may not be able to directly help our ground efforts in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina or Nevada, but your contribution toward our $1.5 million target will go directly to ensuring additional resources are placed in these states immediately. That means providing transportation so volunteers can get around precincts, talking with likely voters and caucus goers. It provides additional phone banks, television spots and literature.

Your contribution can make a difference - so please contribute today. Click here to make a contribution and accept the challenge.

With just six days to the Iowa caucuses, we're down to the wire. Help us raise the $1.5 million to seize the momentum as we move toward victory in these early states - and for the Democratic Party nomination. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sincerely, Jonathan Prince

Deputy Campaign Manager,

John Edwards for President

December 28, 2007

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