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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cut Gas Prices by Developing America’s Energy Resources, Says Bob Barr

The average price of gasoline has risen to $3.98, the highest price ever. America must develop more of its abundant energy resources, says Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president.

Prices are high for many reasons, explains Barr. “Several are self-inflicted, such as refusing to produce more energy in America,” he points out. For instance, America’s Outer Continental Shelf has been estimated to contain 86 billion barrels of oil. Careful drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could yield a million barrels a day.

“We can protect the environment as we look for more energy,” says Barr. In fact, environmental groups like the Audubon Society long have produced oil and natural gas on their own reserves.

“Relaxing restrictions on development will grow even more important in the future, as it becomes feasible to develop unconventional petroleum resources,” he explains. For instance, deposits of oil shale could yield nearly two trillion barrels of recoverable petroleum.

With “rising energy prices causing Americans enormous economic pain, it makes no sense for the government to lock up America’s resources,” says Barr. “Congress should reject the advice of special interest groups and put the energy needs of all Americans first.”

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