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Sunday, March 16, 2008

News Roundup

Obama, Clinton teams exchange fire
CHICAGO - Strategists for Barack Obama pressed an attack on Hillary Rodham Clinton over accountability and ethics on Sunday, demanding that she release more documents on income taxes and foundation donors. The New York senator's campaign pushed back, accusing her rival of stepping up personal attacks.

Peace activist launches fast to protest Nader presidential bid
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
His goal: Persuade Ralph Nader to drop his quadrennial bid for the presidency — or at least explain to Rubin why he's running again in 2008. ...

Rumor Has It
By Susan(Susan) Mike Gravel has endorsed a Green Party candidate for president (among several running for the job, including Cynthia McKinney), Jesse Johnson. I can't say I blame him. The Democratic primary season has been a total mess. ...
Random Thoughts from Reno - http://snunes.blogspot.com/

Peace activist launches fast to protest Nader presidential bid
KESQ - Palm Desert,CA,USA
Jerry Peace Activist Rubin is fasting to persuade Ralph Nader to drop his bid for the presidency - or at least explain to Rubin why he's running again in ...

Wikinews Interviews US Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia ...
By tim(tim) Wikinews held an exclusive interview with Cynthia McKinney, one of the candidates for the Green Party nomination for the 2008 US presidential election. Continue reading 'Wikinews Interviews US Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia ...
Green Left Infoasis - http://demleft.blogspot.com/

Zogby Poll: McCain Bests Both Obama, Clinton
NewsMax.com - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
The introduction of long-time activist Ralph Nader into the mix is having an effect on the race, as he wins enough support to make a difference, ...

Independents Fighting On - Call for Candidates
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
First Ralph Nader continues our fight for ballot access and is getting a little less abuse from the mainstream media than usual. ...

Obama’s Church Plays The Victim Card
After blaming America for everything from HIV to 9/11, it was inevitable that the church would continue playing the victim card. Now they accuse the media for character assassination! But as others point out, isn’t it character suicide when the “victim” provides the posion?

Nader means real action, far-fetched hope
University of Evansville Crescent online - Indiana, United States
The name is Ralph Nader. You may have heard it before—say, in every presidential election from 1992 onwards. Unfortunately, Nader’s name has become ...

Democrat Gravel endorses Green Johnson for President
By revtony There are four candidates seeking the Green Party’s nomination: Johnson, former Democratic US Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift. Ralph Nader is running an independent campaign for president. In his endorsement for Johnson, ...
Sunflower Chalice - http://www.sunflowerchalice.com

Clinton, Obama backers tone down rhetoric
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Backers of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama toned down their rhetoric on Sunday for fear party infighting might turn voters against Democrats and deliver their votes into the hands of Republican John McCain.

Philadelphia-area students hold a mock election
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
"Where's Ralph Nader?" a student asks, looking over the ballot. Actually, somebody else corrects, Nader just dropped in. "Can we vote?" asks Leah Coan, 17, ...

The Nadir of Nader
In These Times - Chicago,IL,USA
Yes, Ralph Nader has thrown down that withering, raggedy old gauntlet in one more tiresome bid for the presidency. Our modern-day Don Quixote will mount his ...

Any state could require majority vote, solve “spoiler” dilemma
Capitol Weekly - Sacramento,CA,USA
How about: “Spoiler Dilemma, Take Three,” starring Ralph Nader? It’s like a horror movie that keeps coming back. Once again, the audience is on edge.

Contrary to Claims, Obama Very Close With Racist Preacher, Wright
Many in the newsmedia are reacting with quite restraint to the revelations of comments by Obam's racist "spiritual mentor," Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. Imagine if this were a Republican politician linked to such outrageous talk and you'll realize how the MSM has been studiously underplaying this controversy. A benefit of the doubt seems to be the rule of thumb for how the media is treating Obama, a benefit that would be denied a GOP candidate.

The return of Nader
Daily - University of Washington - Seattle,WA,USA
Another is the Democrats’ greatest hit from that year, “Ralph Nader Cost Gore the Presidency.” Both songs are annoying, and I’m embarrassed for anyone ...

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