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Sunday, March 16, 2008

News Round Up 2

Obama, Clinton brace for deadlock
The Democratic race has entered its World War I phase, a bloody fight between two adversaries making only the most incremental of gains. And there is no reason to think either side will emerge from the trenches anytime soon.

Bill Clinton defends stance on Obama
NEW ORLEANS — Former President Bill Clinton told college journalists assembled Sunday by mtvU that the push for change in this election has caused experience to look like a liability instead of an asset. “This is the first election in history that I can remember where experience — and having, actually, experience as a change maker — should be a disability for being elected,” Clinton told four undergraduate journalists from across the country at the debut Editorial Board of the College Media Network started by mtvU, a college-oriented channel of MTV.

Obama's church accuses media of character assassination
CHICAGO – The church attended by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) fought back Sunday against mounting criticism of its pastor, accusing the media of character assassination and “crucifixion.”

'Fox News Sunday' Prods Obama on No-Show
WASHINGTON -- Hoping to prod Barack Obama into appearing on its show, "Fox News Sunday" launched the "Obama Watch," a weekly update on the number of days the Democratic presidential candidate has failed to appear on the program.

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