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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/25/08 HUBdate: Retirement Security

Previewing Today: Today, Hillary hosts a “Solutions for the American Economy” town hall in Greensburg, PA addressing how families can save and invest for a secure retirement.
Recapping Yesterday: Hillary unveiled her comprehensive plan to halt the housing crisis. “The solution I’ve proposed is a sensible way for everyone – lenders, investors, mortgage companies and borrowers – to share responsibility, keep families in their homes, and stabilize our communities and our economy.” Read More.
Uniontown, PA: Hillary addressed an “enthusiastic crowd” of over 4,000 “with several hundred people who couldn't fit…gathered in another room,” in Fayette County, PA. Joined by Gov. Ed Rendell and Rep. John Murtha, Hillary said, “I pledge I will work my heart out for you… [c]ome join this team and be a part of making history together." Read More.
On The Trail: At a women’s organizing event in Blue Bell, PA, “[n]early a thousand people filled the room, and more were directed to an overflow space,” as Hillary declared equal pay as “not a 'woman's issue’…[t]his is an issue of equality and justice. This is a family issue." Read More.
The Hillary I Know: PA Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll blogs about why Hillary is her choice to be the next president: “The real Women’s History month may not be in March, but in November.” Read More.
On Tap: On Wednesday, Hillary will be joined by her daughter Chelsea in hosting a “March to Victory” low-dollar rally in Washington, DC. RSVP here.
In Case You Missed It: Sen. Obama’s “three-year record in the Senate, …offers little evidence that he can do what he's promising.” Read More.
Fact Check: Sen. Obama Accepted Over $1 Million From Subprime Lending Industry. Read More.

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