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Monday, February 4, 2008

Obama Statement On New Jobs Report

2/1/08 Senator Barack Obama today released the following statement on this morning’s jobs report.

“This morning’s jobs report brings very troubling news for the economy and for working families who are struggling under the last seven years of George Bush’s failed economic policies, as we lost 17,000 jobs and saw negative job growth for the first time in since August of 2003. This news comes after a day where we learned that we had the slowest economic growth since 2002. It underscores the urgent need for Congress to extend unemployment benefits for more time and to more people as part of any economic stimulus package, something I called for in my own plan three weeks ago. It is time to provide immediate relief to families who are struggling in this economy, and it’s time to turn the page on the failed Bush policies of tax breaks for those who didn’t need them and didn’t ask for them so we can put America back on the path to prosperity and opportunity.”

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