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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nader, McKinney and Green

No Green for Nader
By Tom Ralph Nader will not be the Green Party’s candidate this year because they are already running former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. I wonder if Nader is going to get himself on any ballots this year? ...
Nowhere-Fast.net - http://www.nowhere-fast.net/index.php

Courage! Watch this woman speak truth!!
February 23rd event at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, featured Cynthia McKinney, Richard Gage, and Steven Jones. Following is video of Cynthia's presentation (click Read More for part 2); more will be posted here as we ...
911truth.org - http://www.911truth.org/xml/911truth.xml

Corporations Lie About Kucinich
By Freedom Rider(Freedom Rider) That is good news, but his enemies are still out to get him. They too have ads on the air and Republicans are being urged to cross over party lines and vote against him, a la the campaign that ousted Cynthia McKinney. He.
Freedom Rider - http://freedomrider.blogspot.com/

Nader Shows Up a Spoiled System, Helps McKinney
By Rachel Treichler All voters benefit from their efforts. Nader’s independent campaign helps all third parties and third party presidential candidates. His campaign particularly helps the Green Party and the campaign of Cynthia McKinney. read more.
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By Democracy Lover(Democracy Lover)
They will probably avoid Nader this time because he might get too many votes in a swing state, and nominate Cynthia McKinney, who is actually somewhat better qualified than Nader, but is unknown to 98% of the electorate and hated by ...
Democracy Lover - http://democracylover.blogspot.com/

Ralph Nader????????????????
AfterEllen.com - USA
Ralph Nader is the President of his own fan club. John McCain ought to be happy--not only does he have someone who can take votes away from the ...

Death by Botox? The Hidden Toll of the Quest for Beauty
Natural News.com - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Because that's what women are doing when they choose to receive Botox injections, based on analysis by Ralph Nadar's watchdog group, Public Citizen ...

Nadar runs again; Making new bid for White house
Chatham Daily News - Chatham,Ontario,Canada
Ralph Nader on Sunday announced a fresh bid for the White House, criticizing the top contenders as too close to big business and dismissing the possibility ...

Ralph Nadar makes bid for Presidency
Durant Daily Democrat - Durant,OK,USA
WASHINGTON (AP) - Ralph Nader on Sunday announced a fresh bid for the White House, criticizing the top contenders as too close to big business and ...
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