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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Georgia Secretary of State Handel Issues Preliminary General Election Statement

Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel today released the following statement regarding the 2008 General Election:

“An estimated 3.9 million Georgia voters cast ballots in the 2008 General Election, roughly 74.1 percent of active voters. Additionally, over 2 million voters cast ballots during early voting, over 53 percent of total votes cast. Ninety-three percent of voters cast ballots in person using an approved form of photo identification – without incident.”

In 2004, roughly 3.3 million voters cast ballots, comprising 77 percent of active voters. Voters cast 422,485 ballots during early voting.

“On Election Day across the state, voters experienced minimal lines and wait times thanks to the preparation and hard work of our county election officials and poll workers. The work of these individuals makes democracy possible and I am grateful for their dedication.”

Ballots from military and overseas voters will be received and counted by county election officials through Friday, November 7. County election officials and voters must resolve any issues regarding provisional ballots and add them to election totals by Thursday, November 6. Further, county elections officials cannot certify the election until issues regarding challenged ballots have been resolved.

Once counties complete their certifications, the Secretary of State will certify the statewide results. Any run-offs will be announced upon certification, which should occur sometime next week.
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