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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama Campaign and the Campaign for Change Hold 50-State Working for Change Weekend of Action

This Labor Day weekend, just after Barack Obama officially accepted the Democratic nomination for president, the Obama campaign and the Campaign for Change organized a Working for Change Weekend of Action to mobilize volunteers and voters at the grassroots level in all 50 states.

Across the country, volunteers and staffers will spend part of their Labor Day weekend preparing our grassroots organization for the final two months of the campaign. At house parties, picnics, organizational meetings, and local rallies, grassroots supporters of Senator Obama will register first-time voters and recruit volunteers by talking to people in their community about the Obama plan to change Washington and contrasting it with the McCain plan to extend President Bush’s economic policies for another four years. Participants will be able to organize and find events online at my.barackobama.com.

“Our grassroots supporters and volunteers are the unsung heroes of this campaign. And this Labor Day, they will come together for a massive working weekend to organize our efforts for the final two months,” Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe said. “Our energy and support at the grassroots – among Democrats, Independents and Republicans -- is what is making traditionally red states competitive, and what will put us over the top in November.

”This week the Obama campaign announced a new voter registration tool: VoteforChange.com. Aimed at simplifying the election process for voters as we gear up for a historic general election, VoteforChange.com allows voters across the country to verify their registration status, register to vote for the first time, or get the relevant absentee voting information for their state – all online.

With unprecedented grassroots support and enthusiasm, the Obama campaign has organized in all 50 states. With over 4,000 events planned, this Working for Change Weekend of Action is another manifestation of people working from the bottom up to bring real change to Washington.
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