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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama-Biden Roll Out Science and Innovation Plan Today

Today the Obama-Biden campaign will hold a conference call to roll out its science and innovation plan. Three Nobel Laureates, Dr. Harold Varmus, Dr. Bob Horvitz and Dr. Peter Agre will join the call to release a letter signed by 61 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, in the fields of chemistry, physics and medicine, praising Senator Obama's leadership.

During the last eight years of the Bush administration, vital parts of our country's scientific enterprise have been damaged by stagnant or declining federal support and the government's scientific advisory process has been undermined by political considerations. As a result, our once dominant position in the scientific world has been shaken and our prosperity has been placed at risk. And John McCain's promise to freeze funding increases for science next year threatens to continue this dangerous trend.

"Senator Obama has a unique and forward looking perspective on the challenges of the 21st century; energy, health care, education, and national security, and realizes they can only be met with a firm commitment to the advancement of science and technology. Barack is committed to the belief that in today's competitive global economy our nation's industries and government must invest in an R&D renaissance, if America is to remain a beacon to the world," said Dr. Harold Varmus, a 1989 Nobel Laureate

To read the letter praising Senator Obama’s leadership, click HERE.

To read the Obama-Biden plan for science and innovation, click HERE.

Those who have signed on:

Alexei Abrikosov, Physics, 2003
Peter Agre, Chemistry, 2003
Sidney Altman, Chemistry, 1989
Philip W. Anderson, Physics, 1977
Richard Axel, Medicine, 2004
David Baltimore, Medicine, 1975
Baruj Benacerraf, Medicine, 1980
Paul Berg, Chemistry, 1980
J. Michael Bishop, Medicine, 1989
N. Bloembergen, Physics, 1981
Michael S. Brown, Medicine, 1985
Linda B. Buck, Medicine, 2004
Mario R. Capecchi, Medicine, 2007
Stanley Cohen, Medicine, 1986
Leon Cooper, Physics, 1972
James W. Cronin, Physics, 1980
Robert F. Curl, Chemistry, 1996
Johann Diesenhofer, Chemistry, 1988
John B. Fenn, Chemistry, 2002
Edmond H. Fischer, Medicine, 1992
Val Fitch, Physics, 1980
Jerome I. Friedman, Physics, 1990
Riccardo Giacconi, Physics, 2002
Walter Gilbert, Chemistry, 1980
Alfred G. Gilman, Medicine, 1994
Donald A. Glaser, Physics, 1960
Sheldon L. Glashow, Physics, 1979
Joseph Goldstein, Medicine, 1985
Paul Greengard, Medicine, 2000
David Gross, Physics, 2004
Robert H. Grubbs, Chemistry, 2005
Roger Guillemin, Medicine, 1977
John L. Hall, Physics, 2005
Leland H. Hartwell, Medicine, 2001
Dudley Herschbach, Chemistry, 1986
Roald Hoffman, Chemistry, 1981
H. Robert Horvitz, Medicine, 2002
Louis Ignarro, Medicine, 1998
Eric R. Kandel, Medicine, 2000
Walter Kohn, Chemistry, 1998
Roger Kornberg, Chemistry, 2006
Leon M. Lederman, Physics, 1988
Craig C. Mello, Medicine, 2006
Marshall Nirenberg, Medicine, 1968
Douglas D. Osheroff, Physics, 1996
Stanley B. Prusiner, Medicine, 1997
Norman F. Ramsey, Physics, 1989
Robert Richardson, Physics, 1996
Burton Richter, Physics, 1976
Sherwood Rowland, Chemistry, 1995
Oliver Smithies, Medicine, 2007
Richard R. Schrock, Chemistry, 2005
Joseph H. Taylor Jr., Physics, 1993
E. Donnall Thomas, Medicine, 1990
Charles H. Townes, Physics, 1964
Daniel C. Tsui, Physics, 1998
Harold Varmus, Medicine, 1989
Jasmes D. Watson, Medicine, 1962
Eric Wieschaus, Medicine, 1995
Frank Wilczek, Physics, 2004
Robert W. Wilson, Physics, 1978

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