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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Barack Obama Should Defend Constitution, Lead Fight Against FISA, Says Bob Barr

“Sen. Barack Obama should lead the fight against legislation giving the president authority to bypass the Constitution in spying on Americans,” says Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee. “Without his leadership, the bill is certain to pass with Democratic as well as Republican support.” Unfortunately, notes Barr, “these days no one is surprised when Republican legislators refuse to support the Fourth Amendment, but many Democrats are no better, including the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.”

“Defending the Constitution is always important. That duty is even more vital today, when the president and top administration officials argue that the executive branch may break the law whenever the president deems it to be necessary in a time which he declares to be wartime,” explains Barr. “If Congress will not defend the law, why does it believe the administration will obey new rules after ignoring the already relaxed warrant standards of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act?” To surrender to the administration is irresponsible, “a violation of the oath to defend the Constitution taken by every member of the House and Senate.”

Sen. Obama claims to represent change. “I challenge Sen. Obama to represent real change by standing for the people’s liberties and against the administration’s unlawful surveillance program,” says Barr. “I call on Sen. Obama to oppose any measure that protects phone companies from liability for aiding illegal government spying. Those who violate the Constitution and the law, whether politicians or businessmen, should be held accountable for their actions.”

No wonder the American people believe the country is going in the wrong direction and are cynical about what to expect from Washington. “When it comes to protecting the people’s fundamental liberties, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,” observes Barr. “If Sen. Obama will not confront the Bush administration over years of lawless conduct, why is he running for president?”

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