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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nader News & Blogs

Arabs who lead – west of the Middle East
The National - Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates
In the US, the consumer rights activist Ralph Nader, a successful Arab of Lebanese and Egyptian descent, has run for the presidency of the most powerful ...

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader campaigns in ...
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
By Derrick Nunnally Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader brought his low-overhead campaign to Philadelphia last night in the hope of stirring his ...

Nader wants to know why McCain, Obama and Clinton haven’t signed ...
Third Party Watch - USA
Presidential candidate Ralph Nader wants to know why Senators McCain, Obama and Clinton have not signed onto legislation, S. 594, introduced by Senator ...

Gore endorses Boswell as "real Democrat"
Radio Iowa - Des Moines,IA,USA
Back in 2000, Fallon endorsed independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader. At the time Fallon cited his frustration with Democratic nominee Gore, ...

Nader Opposes Nuclear, Coal, Oil Energy, Supports Wind, Solar
Crosswalk.com - Chesterfield,VA,USA
(CNSNews.com) - Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader told Cybercast News Service Thursday that he opposes nuclear energy, opposes expanded ...

Ralph Nader: Don't Call Him a 'Spoiler'
So says Ralph Nader when I ask him about Barack Obama. It's Tuesday and we're having dinner in a cavernous fish place in Washington Harbour. It's been a couple of days since Mr. Nader – again an independent candidate for president in ..
.CARM.ORG - Christian Discussion Forums - http://www.christiandiscussionforums.org/v

Consumer Road Show
By nospam@example.com (nimda) William J. Baroody Jr. couldn't have done better by the consumer movement that he so strenuously opposes. As the President's assistant for public liaison, Baroody is the coordinator of a series of regional White House conferences this ...
The Nader Page - In the Public Interest - http://www.nader.org/

Ralph Nader
By buelahman
There are several folks out there that speak to me, but the more I read and listen to Ralph Nader, the more I like and respect him. He is saying what I bitch about, almost to a “T”. I, for one, will not be fooled by the Dem rhetoric ...BuelahMan's Redstate Revolt - http://buelahman.wordpress.com

Interview with Ralph Nader on Organizing Volunteers
By Manila Ryce
On Friday, May 30, 2008, Ralph Nader, an announced presidential candidate in the ‘08 election, met with volunteers in his... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my the Largest Minority for full stories, and other great content ]]
The Largest Minority - http://www.jwharrison.com/blog

A Billionaire's Guide to the Candidates: Ralph Nader
By Billionaires4Bush
Unreasonable Man Ralph Nader makes it easy. Sure, he's owned corporate stock, dissed the Green Party, and been accused of "spoiling" the election chances of Democrats paddling towards the callow middle -- but what can he do for the ...
Indecision2008 Comedy Central - http://blog.indecision2008.com

Video : Ralph Nader Organizing Volunteers in Maryland
On Friday, May 30, 2008, Ralph Nader, an announced presidential candidate in the ‘08 election, met with volunteers in his campaign at a Dundalk, MD restaurant. The purpose of the get together was to launch a statewide effort to ...
novus.liber - http://novus.liber.us

Number of uninsured American youth increases
By VoteNader
Ralph Nader is the ONLY candidate who will institute universal, single-payer health coverage for ALL AMERICANS. Clinton and Obama have devised unconstitutional, privatized schemes that will put more of our taxpayer money into corporate ...
Vote Nader - http://dogeatery2.wordpress.com

Libertarian support levels
By professorsrsquared
A recent Zogby Poll suggests that Barr would receive about 3% of the vote and Ralph Nader would receive about 4% of the vote on Election Day. One big caveat: Zogby’s numbers suggest a much bigger lead for Obama over McCain than other ...
PoliSci@UST - http://ustpolisci.wordpress.com

Ralph Nader to Visit NEI
By Mark Flanagan(Mark Flanagan)
We bow to no one in our respect for Ralph Nader and the work he has done to expose government and corporate corruption and to work always for his fellow citizens. By extension, he has done good work for many other people throughout the ...
NEI Nuclear Notes - http://neinuclearnotes.blogspot.com/

Meet, Support Ralph Nader For President!
By Mike Cane(Mike Cane)
Luncheon/ Ballot Access Meeting w/ Ralph Nader Saturday May 31st 1pm-2:30pm Princeton, New Jersey Contribution: $50 donation OR pledge to gather 100 signatures RSVP (202) 471-5833 events@votenader.org Fundraiser with Ralph Nader ...
Mike Cane 2008 - http://mikecane2008.blogspot.com/

Ralph Nader - “What’s Really Driving the High Price of Oil?”
By mutineermike
Ralph Nader May 28, 2008 What factors are causing the zooming price of crude oil, gasoline and heating products? What is going to be done about it? Don’t rely on the White House—with Bush and Cheney marinated in oil—or the ...
The Revolution Will Not Be Digitized. - http://digitizedrevolution.wordpress.com

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